Sunday, January 11, 2009

Ok Ok I gave in....

So after much pressure from family and friends I have finally entered the blogging world....but please do not be disappointed if I fail to update it every five minutes...I am not good at these types of things. And without the help of my beautiful sister hopefully I will be able to upload my pictures on to this thing!

So I have finally arrived in Hawaii! After what seemed like a day long plane ride I have finally landed! I was so anxious and excited on the plane because I have been waiting to come here for about four months and for some odd reason thought I would never get here (it seems that a lot of things I plan out somehow never pan out how I wanted them haha). But when I heard that plane land I could not contain my excitement and finally felt like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders.

After a crazy trip to Wal Mart and going in circles around the island we finally made it to my cute little house by the beach. It was perfect for me, with a killer view! The house sets up on this little cliff called The Point and it overlooks the ocean! It is awesome! I met all of my roomies who are so nice and I love them already. Everything has gone so smoothly and I love being here!

School is so fun and everyone is friendly. It is refreshing to walk around campus and meet people from so many different places and walks of life. For anyone that knows me, knows how much I love other cultures and learning how other people live! It is so fascinating:)

I feel so blessed to be here. It has been a long journey for me for the past couple of years and even though I have gone through the hardest times of my life I have realized that the Lord has been aware of me this entire time. He has opened so many doors to me when I thought that so many were closed. I cant wait to see what more He has in store for me!!!

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  1. hey binz its kell!!! you found out how to post!! it looks great. Your header pic can't be fixed cuz vertical pic like that don't fit but it looks fine. and you can post more than one pic at a time too. If u ever wanna change the background go to the click on backgrounds and there you go! just follow the directions it shows you and if u have any questions just call or leave a comment on my blog!!!