Monday, May 19, 2014

3 years later...

Well I figured since it has been 3 YEARS since I last posted it was time to catch up on my blog. We have some really exciting, trying and great things going on in our lives right now. First I will try to catch you up on the last few yrs with some quickie up dates. 

Miss the beautiful Utah mountains!

Best night ever! The husbands dressed up and scared people at BYU, it was hilarious!

Scott and I miss our weekly hikes up the Y

Scott dumpster diving for boxes when we decided we were going to move. We got almost all our moving boxes from dumpster lol

Don't see this anymore...and I don't miss it either 

Some great friends Brett and Victoria, we really miss them!

The place we got engaged, one of the reasons I will always love Provo!

One of my best friends, Emily that I made in Utah. She is a couple weeks ahead of me with a baby girl as well!

Kati, Kristen and I right before taking off at the airport to got to the Dominican. Had some great times with these girls and miss them!

Todd and Carol, so glad they could come with us to Lake Powell before we moved!

After living in Provo we decided it was time to pick up and move to AZ in the Winter of 2012. Better job opportunities for both of us and being closer to family. We were so sad to leave all of the amazing friendships we made there and of course the place where we met and fell and in love. When I lived there I never thought I would say this, but I do miss it. Mostly miss our friends but definitely miss Cubby's too he he:)

We made it to AZ and decided to buy a house. It's a great starter home and it has been fun having a place to call our own. We have made some touch ups but still have so much we want to do to it. One of these days we will get around to it!

What's a house without a dog? We also welcomed our puppy CoCo. She is brought so much life and humor to our home. She keeps us laughing constantly!

Since moving to AZ we are blessed to have great jobs. I literally work about 2 mins from home a couple days a week for a great dental office. Scott has started his own internet marketing/landing page company and has been able to meet some great people and mentors. He also work at University of Phoenix where he has been able to not only work but pursue his Masters (when that time comes haha) if he wants to. We have certainly been blessed in our move. Although at times when it is so hot during the summer we miss Utah!

In February of this year we found out some great news that we were expecting our first baby! It was a total surprise but we are so excited! Literally a couple days after finding out this great news, the morning sickness really set in! Oh man, I was NOT prepared for the battle it has been for me.

I have been sick everyday but maybe one or two days the entire time I have been pregnant. It has been a very trying time for me as I am very used to being very active. I had to give up Crossfit, which I was really loving, let along going to the gym period. I thought by the second trimester I would be feeling better, but no such luck. Still find myself battling nausea daily. I have to have IV meds every other day to keep my nausea under control. Definitely not what I was expecting being pregnant, but I know I am blessed to even be able to have kids, so I try my best to be grateful everyday. We are having a GIRL and couldn't be more excited! I am really trying to be better at blogging so I will try and post nursery pics when I have enough energy to start putting it together!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

2011 recap...very long!

Whoah finally getting around to blogging...I am seriously so bad at it. But I guess better late than never. So I am going to follow the trend and re-cap the last year because it was definitely a crazy one! It might be long, so a just a warning haha this will mostly be like a journal entry for me to look back on.

January 2011 was not as peachy keen as we had hoped. I was recovering slower than anticipated from a surgery that I had in December. They placed a stint in my foot as well as loosening muscles in my calf. It was extremely painful and I was really not prepared for the recovery process. I couldn't walk and was in constant pain ever since the surgery which took place on December 27. I couldn't take the pain medication because it made me throw up literally every 5 minutes, so I pretty much just had to stick it out. I didn't get much time to rest because I had to be back in Dental Hygiene school and wasn't allowed to miss any days. Let me tell you, hobbling around and trying to carry all my stuff to clinic was very taxing, not to mention I still was in excruciating pain. I seriously could not have done it without Candi Kidd, she helped me everyday set up my clinic and was always so caring! Also this month Scott was laid off on his job that he had been working at for quite sometime, which forced me to take on more hours working at the community clinic at night. Not to mention other personal matters that went on that month. I was worried about this because I had school all day and would work til about 10:00 pm then have to go home and study for the boards that I would be taking in just a few months. Extremely stressful....

February really just came and went. It was my birthday but honestly I pretty much forgot about it because I had ZERO time and was so focused on boards. This month I was lucky enough to find a boards patient early and he was perfect. He came in a few times to let me check him to make sure he qualified and he was always so reliable...

March I spent studying for boards again...that was pretty much my life and I really didn't do much. I started doing online study sessions that were rather expensive to purchase but were really a great resource. Britney Littledike from my class also wanted to use the
same study sessions under my username and paid me about $50 to do so. She will have no idea how much that $50 helped us that month...

April first I took my first big boards exam. I honestly just realized this was in the Lords hands. I had studied so hard and really did all that I could do in order to pass the test. The morning of the test I felt so calm and so peaceful. Even during the test (when I felt like I didnt know any answers to ANY questions) I still had a warm feeling the entire time. I knew that was the Lord telling me it was going to be ok. This month Scott also got deployed to Alaska with his medical Army unit. He left the day after I graduated from dental hygiene school. My family was so awesome to take my sister and I on a much needed vacation to Florida! We went to the Harry Potter thing at Universal and just spent time together relaxing. I also experienced the worst sunburn of my life! I got blisters on every part of my body! I guess thats what being inside all day and a Utah winter will do to you. Seriously, it was like my skin had never seen the sun!

May my husband and I were reunited after his deployment to Alaska. But only for a week because we had decided to take a summer sales job with Pinnacle (January he had lost his job and we had NO money!). We were offered some great money and Scott had been selling with them in the past. I felt a little uneasy with this decision because I knew we would be separated. I had been offered a summer job with Kerr Endodontics in AZ that paid really well, while I waited for my hygiene license. But we decided we really had no other option if we wanted to get back on our feet financially. I also took my clinical boards exam which was probably the most stressful day of my life. My once reliable patient showed up 20 minutes late! So I had like 10 minutes to check him in (usually you have up to 30-45mins to do this). Luckily they accepted my submission and I felt calm during the whole exam while I was cleaning...

June came and I headed to AZ while hubby headed to Kansas to begin selling. I started my new job and also found out that I had passed both my clinical and written tests! I was thrilled and literally know that it was divine intervention that allowed me to pass. I was so happy! I started the process of getting my AZ hygiene license since I would be living there for the summer. I had to take another test for the AZ license and was a little lazy at getting around to it. However I was so happy to be working and bringing an income into our family, even if it was just assisting at the time. It was such a great job and I truly love everybody in the office. This was such a blessing because things with Scott were not working out so well. Pinnacle was extremely unorganized with their sales team and it took almost two weeks for Scott to get a license (this is valuable time in summer sales), not to mention right when he would start working they would pick up and leave to another place where they had to start all over again. All the while we are separated which makes things worse and very difficult...

July we went to Lake Powell with my family which is always a good time and much needed getaway. Also I went to visit Scott in Texas (yes, they were now in Texas
after moving almost 5 times and Scott having to drive over 3,000 miles...I am not even was a joke!) It was fun to have a little getaway, but at this point Scott and I were starting to think that this summer sales thing really was not working out. There was a lot of money that was mysteriously "missing" that they owed us not to mention Scott was living out of hotels and being moved around like a circus! However from much persuading and many promises he decided to stick it out. He never quits anything and gives it all he has got. I returned back to AZ to continue working...

August I decided to start looking for a job in Utah since I would be heading back there after the summer. I also got my Utah hygiene license. I started looking on craigslist and talking to a few people I knew who were already working down there for leads. Also my sweet office manager from Kerr endodontics in AZ flew to Orem and handed out my resumes to a bunch of doctors she knew! What an amazing lady she is! Within a few days of sending out about 10 resumes I got a few emails back and learned that one office was very interested and that they wanted me to come interview in a few days! I was so excited but had to pack up earlier than expected and make the 12 hour drive back to Utah to go to this interview, I was not about to let an opportunity pass me, especially since the job market for hygienists in Utah is "slim pickens." I drove 8 hrs to Cedar City, slept there, then finished the rest of the 3 hr drive to Orem and made it just in time to go to my interview. Keep in mind I was homeless at this time. There were tenants in our apartment who had rented it out for the summer. We had told them that we weren't going to be back until the beginning of September but because I had this job lead, I came back early with no place to live. So I got ready for my interview in my car and showered at the gym after driving 12 hrs the past 2 days...oh so much fun! Also Scott called from California (yes...he had moved yet again to California for sales) saying he was DONE and leaving about 2weeks early because we were honestly losing more money moving, then we were actually making selling. Scott and I were reunited after an entire summer apart just in time for our first anniversary August 21. It was amazing to see him again.

September I got offered the job I had come back early for! I was absolutely elated. It was truly a blessing because our summer we had not made much money and really needed this job. I was absolutely thrilled to start! I learned about the holistic approach to dentistry and attended a conference in Las Vegas with my new office. I learned so much, a few things I am still a little skecthy about haha but it was very informative. I had a great time getting to know everyone in the office. Scott also started his semester at school to continue his education.

In October we received news that the company Scott "worked" for in the summer was now coming after us because we "didnt keep up our end of the bargain" and now wanted us to pay them thousands of dollars (that we never made, nor had by the way). We were threatened continually and almost had to get a lawyer until I went over there and explained to them that we had agreed to sell in Kansas...not Texas or the other 238965872 places they made them move...this pretty much put that to rest...but was very stressful at the moment. Work was going great, but I was not getting as many hours as I had originally thought I was going to. It was inconsistent and the office was in a transition stage so things were moving a little slower than I thought. I love the office but started to think that I might need a second job to make a little more income since Scott was solely focusing on school.

November was a great month because I got to go to a family reunion/ Thanksgiving in AZ. It was so great to see every SINGLE person in my family and extended family all together. Also I was offered another job at Cascade Family Dental, an office I had temped at previously. It was honestly an answer to prayers. I love working there and all of the new things I am learning. I am so grateful for these opportunities I have been given. We have truly been blessed...

December wasnt as crazy as I thought and we just spent it in Tooele with Scotts sisters family. It was great to watch the magic of Christmas through her cute kids eyes. I was also adjusting to working about 40 hours a week versus the 20 hours I was working before! But I am so grateful despite the back and wrist pain!

2011 was a crazy year but ended so great! Sorry this was long but like I said I wanted to do a little recap for personal history:) Thanks for reading!!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Girls Night Out!

Most of my girlfriends are all still living in AZ, starting families and having busy lives! So sometimes I get lonely in Utah and feel like I really don't have many friends for girl time:( So I was so excited when Jessica put a little dinner together for my dental hygiene class. I haven's seen most of them since we graduated. It was so great to get away and just have girl talk. I loved hearing about everyone's new jobs, babies, and lives since graduation. I hope we can all get together more often:)

photos via Zahara and Jaycie

Sunday, August 28, 2011

I think I'm "Fallin" for you

We decided to take full advantage of the amazing weather we have been having here (sorry zonies, but we will be wishing we are there come winter). We decided to hike Stewart Falls up at Sundance. It said online it was an easy 3.5 mile (up and back hike). Well it ended up taking FOREVER to hike, to say the least we were ill prepared. But the waterfall at the end was sooo worth it! Probably not the best idea to workout at the gym for an hour and half and then go hiking for another three! We were super tired afterwards!

You cant really tell but Scotty was soaking wet from the frigid water! He just had to go into the waterfall as soon as he saw it
I decided to stay anyone that knows me will tell you one thing I absolutely HATE is cold water. I will avoid it at all costs!!

We want to go on more hikes while the weather is nice!! Anyone wanna join?!?

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Obsession of the Week: 2

For those of us who worry about roots (uuhh hem ME!!) This is a perfect technique to use for your color! I have to say that I have had my hair like this since April and I am in LOVE!! I just got a refresher on my color today and it is amazing! For those of you counting, I went 5 months without getting my hair colored and I could of went til the end of the year and it would have still looked great! I just get bored and have to do something:)

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Good News update:)

Good news! I got a job! It was the first working interview I ever did and I actually got it! I am the only hygienist at Synergy Dental in Lindon. My first day is on Tuesday!

The office is not your "run of the mill" dental office. They use a lot of natural oral products and really try to make your dental experience as pleasant as possible (candles, incense, calming music...its almost like a spa!!). They have many alternatives and safe ways to care for your mouth without using a lot of "un-natural" products and chemicals.

At the beginning of September I get to go with the office to Las Vegas to go to the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology conference to learn about more safe and natural ways to treat our patients. I seriously cant wait!!

I am so blessed to have this job and it will help Scott to be able to just focus on school and graduate faster!

One year older...and wiser too!!

No...I am not talking about a birthday around here.. Its our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY today!! I really cant believe it has been a year when I was able to be sealed to my best friend forever. I have learned so much and become such a better person over this past year. I love Scott so much! I am truly lucky to have him as my best friend forever.

Some say your first year is your easiest or your hardest. For us it, it definitely has tested us. It has been a blessing for us to be both be away from our families our first year of marriage. When times got tough all we had were each other and that has helped us grow immensely!

To celebrate Scott planned awesome surprises for me like he always does:) He sent me to a spa day yesterday where I got a pedi, facial and massage! And then we went to a beautiful restaurant in the Riverwoods called La Jolla Groves! It was delicious:) And then of course ice cream! When I woke up this morning (our REAL anniversary day) there was a little treasure hunt around the house for me and at the end was a yummy smelling Volcano Candle from Anthro!! I have been wanting one forever, not to mention the people that rented out apt for the summer made it smell weird hahaha! He is soooo thoughtful:) I got him a bunch of supplements that he has been wanting for his new work out plan!! He has been really training hard for a body competition and he is looking GREAT!!

Look forward to another year with my man:)