Sunday, August 28, 2011

I think I'm "Fallin" for you

We decided to take full advantage of the amazing weather we have been having here (sorry zonies, but we will be wishing we are there come winter). We decided to hike Stewart Falls up at Sundance. It said online it was an easy 3.5 mile (up and back hike). Well it ended up taking FOREVER to hike, to say the least we were ill prepared. But the waterfall at the end was sooo worth it! Probably not the best idea to workout at the gym for an hour and half and then go hiking for another three! We were super tired afterwards!

You cant really tell but Scotty was soaking wet from the frigid water! He just had to go into the waterfall as soon as he saw it
I decided to stay anyone that knows me will tell you one thing I absolutely HATE is cold water. I will avoid it at all costs!!

We want to go on more hikes while the weather is nice!! Anyone wanna join?!?

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  1. i miss and love that hike so much. one time a snake came out in front of me. i ran all the way to the falls i was so freaked out. tanner wanted to hike it with head lamps so we were in the dark at 1 am. oh i just kept moving to insure a snake wasn't by me....