Monday, May 19, 2014

3 years later...

Well I figured since it has been 3 YEARS since I last posted it was time to catch up on my blog. We have some really exciting, trying and great things going on in our lives right now. First I will try to catch you up on the last few yrs with some quickie up dates. 

Miss the beautiful Utah mountains!

Best night ever! The husbands dressed up and scared people at BYU, it was hilarious!

Scott and I miss our weekly hikes up the Y

Scott dumpster diving for boxes when we decided we were going to move. We got almost all our moving boxes from dumpster lol

Don't see this anymore...and I don't miss it either 

Some great friends Brett and Victoria, we really miss them!

The place we got engaged, one of the reasons I will always love Provo!

One of my best friends, Emily that I made in Utah. She is a couple weeks ahead of me with a baby girl as well!

Kati, Kristen and I right before taking off at the airport to got to the Dominican. Had some great times with these girls and miss them!

Todd and Carol, so glad they could come with us to Lake Powell before we moved!

After living in Provo we decided it was time to pick up and move to AZ in the Winter of 2012. Better job opportunities for both of us and being closer to family. We were so sad to leave all of the amazing friendships we made there and of course the place where we met and fell and in love. When I lived there I never thought I would say this, but I do miss it. Mostly miss our friends but definitely miss Cubby's too he he:)

We made it to AZ and decided to buy a house. It's a great starter home and it has been fun having a place to call our own. We have made some touch ups but still have so much we want to do to it. One of these days we will get around to it!

What's a house without a dog? We also welcomed our puppy CoCo. She is brought so much life and humor to our home. She keeps us laughing constantly!

Since moving to AZ we are blessed to have great jobs. I literally work about 2 mins from home a couple days a week for a great dental office. Scott has started his own internet marketing/landing page company and has been able to meet some great people and mentors. He also work at University of Phoenix where he has been able to not only work but pursue his Masters (when that time comes haha) if he wants to. We have certainly been blessed in our move. Although at times when it is so hot during the summer we miss Utah!

In February of this year we found out some great news that we were expecting our first baby! It was a total surprise but we are so excited! Literally a couple days after finding out this great news, the morning sickness really set in! Oh man, I was NOT prepared for the battle it has been for me.

I have been sick everyday but maybe one or two days the entire time I have been pregnant. It has been a very trying time for me as I am very used to being very active. I had to give up Crossfit, which I was really loving, let along going to the gym period. I thought by the second trimester I would be feeling better, but no such luck. Still find myself battling nausea daily. I have to have IV meds every other day to keep my nausea under control. Definitely not what I was expecting being pregnant, but I know I am blessed to even be able to have kids, so I try my best to be grateful everyday. We are having a GIRL and couldn't be more excited! I am really trying to be better at blogging so I will try and post nursery pics when I have enough energy to start putting it together!

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