Sunday, August 21, 2011

Good News update:)

Good news! I got a job! It was the first working interview I ever did and I actually got it! I am the only hygienist at Synergy Dental in Lindon. My first day is on Tuesday!

The office is not your "run of the mill" dental office. They use a lot of natural oral products and really try to make your dental experience as pleasant as possible (candles, incense, calming music...its almost like a spa!!). They have many alternatives and safe ways to care for your mouth without using a lot of "un-natural" products and chemicals.

At the beginning of September I get to go with the office to Las Vegas to go to the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology conference to learn about more safe and natural ways to treat our patients. I seriously cant wait!!

I am so blessed to have this job and it will help Scott to be able to just focus on school and graduate faster!


  1. I should come visit you at your new job! I didn't know you were back in utah!! We should do lunch asap please!!!

  2. linds that is so awesome! i hear it's been taking awhile for some to find jobs.. beautiful office. they don't have those in CA. you would think they would.. miss you!

  3. Yeah!!!! I was hoping your interview would go well!!! Looks like it did :)!!

  4. Lindsey!! I didn't know you had a blog! it's awesome! We can be blog buddies! So excited to see you and your hubbie soon!