Monday, June 8, 2009

the 801 is so much fun...

Can anyone please remind me why i left this....

and came to this....

uhhh...yeah....i dont know either?

lately i have been thinking about why in the world i live here. sure i can buy a gallon of milk for under $7, drive instead of bike, live in a place not infested with giant flying cockroaches and im only a hop, skip and a jump from home...but still...why?

in honor of Provo, here are a few things i have learned since living here:

- the streets never get less confusing ( can we not be creative enough to actually give them names instead of just numbers??
- the ring check (realizing this after thinking a boy in one of classes was cute, yea...he was married)

- BYU approved housing dont believe in hot tubs (WTF?)

- the Utah "poof" is still alive....and doing quite well (also affectionately named "the hilary duff puff" AT BYU-hawaii)
- The 'weeding out' theory (for those of you who are not aware of this let me explain.... there is an apartment full of freshmen girls being hit on by a 27 year old return missionary as we speak. He will pick out the prettiest one, hang out with her, eventually ask her on a REAL date and marry her all before she has enough time to realize she has dropped out of her elementry ed. program and will now be 'seriously so blessed.' What does this do? Well this giggly freshmen has now left you free to spot the guys who are looking for girls who are actually going to college for educational purposes, dont play helpless when it comes to setting up their DVD player and will not be a perfect replacement of the boy's mother.)

- BYU parking sucks...I might as well walk from my apartment seeing as the closest parking lot seems to be about a mile from the actual school

- Ward Prayer, yet again is pointless (sure, its a great thought...but really? is it neccessary that after a few hours of returning home from church we have to meet, yet again just so that an apartment full of girls can be introduced to an apartment full of me a 'rebel' but i personally believe this is just another excuse to 'check out the hotties in the ward'...gag)

- forget the lingerie...University Mall now sells aprons for that 'ever so sexy' bachelorette gift. (thats right, aprons like the kind your mom used to wear while making sunday dinner after fast and testimony meeting...pretty sure this is the only place they can make a comeback)

- Dance Parties; they are an every weekend event and come in as many themes as your little mind can imagine.( Provo passed a law saying that you could not 'hold a dance function' unless you were a religious leader or denomination or a school. So what is the blonde-tipped, white 'spy' sunglasses, 'Affliction' wearing 'provo all-star' to do to attract platinum blonde- orange- skinned Ed Hardy- wearing girl? Go online of course, and become an 'ordained minister' so that they can hold dance parties every weekend at the 'hollywood house,' without any question from the police....yes this is a true story!)

Well...this is all that i can think of right now...i am sure i have a lot more to learn.

my event calendar:
Kelly Clarkson-thurday!
Lake Powell- next Wednesday!!

love you all :)


  1. wait.. is kelly thursday or monday?? i cant wait. i love you girl! im so glad you live by me and we can hang out!:) your blog made me laugh.. you are so cute

  2. i love all you have to say tonight. it is an annoying yet at times very entertaining life here in provo. haha i especially love the comments you made about the hilary duff puff and the weeding out theory. so classic! love you girl! sooo excited for kelly!

  3. hahah OMG Lindsey...this just made my day!!! You seriously crack me up!! Why did we never party before?! and I'm def jealous about Kelly, have fun!!!

  4. linds!! this was hillarious!! come back to hawaii!!

  5. Your so funny, the ward prayer thing? Is that seriously real? That's weird, I woudn't go to that haha

  6. binz, what are you up to?? So excited to get a comment from you! Love you girl! Give me the scoop!

  7. haha the picture change was very drastic, if you put it that way I dont have any answers for you. Provo is the place to be though, eh? ha. no its a good time. just no hawaii!

  8. i said adios to brigham young's university for the summer...and thank goodness.
    coming home made me realize that i mayyyyyy have started thinking everything is provo was normal.
    this post is hilarious...
    got me excited for fall?!