Friday, July 24, 2009

The 801 is so much fun PART II

So here I go at it again. I have lived in many different and random places, but I have to say nothing compares to living here in Provo...its like a whole different world. Maybe you will understand me after these little gems...

This makes me feel better about not going on a lot of dates...phew!

Does anyone else find the placement of these two flyers awkward? I know I did. Does BYU really want to push speed dating a pregnancy?

Where else in the world will you see this written on the back window of a car...really? Is this needed? "Just Married!!" would have worked out just fine. What's even worse is the license plate is not even from Utah... I mean it would have been semi-ok if it was.

BYU has offered me more entertainment on a daily basis than a Disneyland ride when I was a kid. I guess Halloween is everyday on the BYU campus as this lovely young women so openly portrays with her mystic sword affectionately placed in her back pack. Razors and small pocket knives will be quickly taken from any student, but somehow this sword does not pose a risk?

Not only does the outside campus offer plenty of moments where I ask myself, "did that really just happen?" the library offers some great moments as well. I spend about 99.7% of my life in the library strategically studying micro-biology...someone else was using their strategic thinking skills as well, playing chess. I have always had a hard time trying to figure out how to play chess, an interesting game where you must try and anticipate, even predict the move of your opposing player. This has proven to be quite difficult for me to grasp. Unless the opponent is...well you...all alone playing in a library cubicle. Maybe I should try this?

Another one of the many "simple pleasures" of BYU is the Wilk Board. I check it every once in awhile, and everytime it is gold. You might wanna take that number down, any man willing to take phone calls for dates...a "free" date for that matter, is worth tracking down. I think I fit most of the criteria he listed on this add, which btw was under the "for sale" section of the board.


Ok so maybe not that disturbing...but it is definitly bordering it. What made this image even creepier was the fact that they were not talking at all!! Who does this?? I guess he knows what he is in for when they get hitched!

Oh how I love my life! More to come!


  1. giiiiiiirrrrrlfriendddd! you make me so happy!!! your bloggy NEVER fails to put a smile on my are going to be famous someday! oh already are!

  2. you just cemented the idea of NEVER living in Utah, not even a possibility anymore haha. thanks linds

  3. linds, linds linds! I have been on the ground laughing from these pictures. I just loove provo. haha you're the cutest.

  4. I love that "This Just Happened" blog. Very funny.

  5. hahahaha i found this post very entertaining. only provo!!!! the last pic was ridiculous!!! never seen that one before. ohh heavens.