Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Your dad would like this....

You should enter a ballpark the way you enter a church."

Bill “Spaceman” Lee

Boston Red Sox

SPACEMAN: Bill Lee, the last barnstormer.

...and that we did Mr. Spaceman.....

Well maybe not so much. This weekend I met up with a bunch of girls (and husbands) from my school and had a BBQ and went to the SLC Bee's game. Unfortunately the Bee's did not play quality ball and lost against the Colorado Sky Sox (yes this is a real But the fireworks at the end made it all worth it :)

PS. it was the same day I went to the Bijou market so YES i am wearing the same shirt cause its the same day...i mean come on do you really think I would wear the same outfit twice in a week...pshhh never...

PSS. i acutally wear the same outfit almost everyday...gotta love my scrubs...scott calls me his little blueberry haha

PSSS. i know i look white next to these two lovely working on my tan...dont judge its been a long winter here in utah

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  1. bahaha oh how I love your PS's haha! Your fabulous :)