Monday, June 15, 2009

to feel or not to feel...that is the question?

while waiting for the subway in new york last year, i looked across the tracks and i saw this written on one of the metal beams,

at the time i thought it was sort of ironic that something as unruffled as PRAYER was written down in this ugly, dank subway terminal, so i decided to take this picture.

now, a few years later, after looking through old pictures i came across it again. who would have thought that today this picture that i took down in an unsightlynew york subway would hark back to me of what i had been missing.

such a beautiful message, but so often times neglected in our busy lives. sure, i say my prayers every morning and every night...but thats what i do...SAY them. it has been awhile since i really felt them.

so today, after finding that picture, staring adversity in the face, having a good cry and seeking my mothers advice on my struggles i, for the first time in a long time, felt my prayer. it might not have made everything magically disappear (or sometimes appear in the case of trying to date someone normal for once in my life...) or maybe it didnt make things any eaisier. but ill tell you what, it sure did bring a sense of peace, guidance, assurity and strength to overcome all of my trials right now. point is....

dont just say your prayers, FEEL them. it makes all the difference in the World (not for the one whose listening, cause He already knows how we feel, but to allow us to FEEL the presence of the Savior in our lives)

sometimes it is hard to feel. over the past couple of years i have come to realize this like i never have before, and i think sometimes that is why we put our lives on auto-pilot.
just exisiting and not really living, cause life brings emotion.
but today i was reminded that FEELING is something we have been blessed with.

without feelings of regret there would be no spur to change.
without feelings of heartbreak, there would be nothing to incite self discovery and growth.

As we greet each new day, may we take the time to embrace the feelings the Lord gives us.
Light will flow into your soul.


  1. i love you lindsey! and i loved this post... it touched me because there have been times in my life where i have felt the same thing, and i had to do the same thing. i hope everything is just going amazing in your life, and i miss you DEARLY! callllll meeeeeee :]

  2. Thanks Lindsey. I really needed this post.

  3. This was sweet, I needed it too. Sometimes when we are doing everything right we still go numb, that can and is very frustrating, I've been there. You really do need to "feel" prayer. I miss you and hope your doing well.