Sunday, June 21, 2009


he always goes the extra mile, stays a little longer and does it right the first time. a few reasons why i love my dad:

1. he is a great example of a father, husband, and priesthood holder
2. he has always been able to give me, my siblings or my mom a blessing when we need one
3. he works hard at everything he does
4. he is the only person that can argue better than me
5. he has always been supportive and helpful in helping me accomplish my dreams
6. he comforts my mom when i am off doing my crazy things like going to africa and moving half way across the world and concinving her that im not crazy...even though we all know i am :)
7. he has always treated my mother with respect and takes her on a date every friday... awww cute
8. yup, thats him always up washing the cars first thing in the morning. he has taught me the value of doing things THE RIGHT WAY
9. he always taught me to never give up, every rejection is just one step closer to getting what you want
10. most of all he loves the Lord and has never wavered in showing his family his dedication to the gospel.

happy fathers day!!!

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