Tuesday, June 30, 2009

august 14, 2009

Sooooo.....when i first moved to provo i bought a book. a book that i actually wanted to read and not something my professors wanted me to read.

you see i am trying to get back into reading...for fun...not for school. so in my meager attempt to rekindle my love for reading i knew i had to choose a book that would keep my interest or my goal would completely fail. so i choose "THE TIME TRAVELERS WIFE." and it pretty much changed my life. my favorite book of all time.

naturally i was elated to see this...

this will be the next best thing to "THE NOTEBOOK!"
this beautiful movie will be coming out on august 14 :)

Well in other news....

i learned that i.....drum roll please...


after cramming in 2 yrs worth of pre requisites into virtually one year, selling my soul to school and having a pretend social life... i finally accomplished my goal! i start in august and cant wait to go to school for something that i love doing!

i also just got back from lake powell on our annual trip. i have to say, it was probably my favorite trip ever taken to lake powell. after living away from my family i realized how much i miss them and im so glad to have such a supportive family. my brother leaves for the Phillipines sept. 2nd and my sister is just so beautiful, smart and growin up so fast!


  1. That is my favorite book of all time. I had no idea they were making a movie out of it! I sobbed my heart out at the end though...bittersweet.

  2. HEY! I didn't know you had a blog. So glad you found ours : ) And HOLY COW... I am so glad you got into hygiene school. Where will you be going?!

  3. GIRL!! I am seriously SO excited to read that book and see the movie now, THANK YOU for sharing!! and p.s. CONGRATS on hygiene school, you will be amaziiiingggg!!!

  4. Linds!! I am so excited for you to start school, what a HUGE accomplishment! You are going to rock Dental Hygiene school! Glad you're living it up and having a blast in Provo. Seriously, probably the best memories I have made before getting married were up there! Love you girl!