Monday, July 6, 2009

Will the real slim shady...please stand up! Intro time:)

So I love my room mates and they are pretty much way cooler than your roomies. I have done a terrible job introducing it is time for their introduction....

ALIX comes to us all the way from Sammamish (pretty sure I spelled that
right??) Washington, standing at 5''1' she is so much fun and not only that she is extremely creative! You can find her working at Color Me Mine at the Riverwoods and Shade clothing! She has luscious chocolate locks and a sense of humor to die for...and not to mention impeccable fashion sense. Alix is attending UVU in the fall where she hopes to one day become a nurse!! Alix is pretty much my "wingman...or woman" as we both scope the Provo jungle! ladies and gentlemen this is Alix :)

ANI also calls Washington home and Alix her sister! Her bubbly personality and happy-go-lucky attitude is sure to bring a smile to anyone's face...especially her boyfriend Jason (sorry guys she is taken!). Dont let that beautiful golden hair fool you, Ani is in the Marriot School of Business at BYU and probably the smartest one in our apartment haha. You can find her soakin up the rays down at the pool or playing with Alix and I! Ani is (as alix and I say...) a GEM and a PEACH! This is miss Ani!!

Come play with us as we move into our new house this fall!! yay!! I love you both:)


  1. YEAH!!! I LOVE you too! I am way excited to live in a hizzy (aka house) with you! It's going to be outta this world! You are indeed a gem and a peach. It's what you are. Don't hide it. :)

  2. This makes me ALMOST wanna be single again and come play with you and your roomies!!! Haha love you girl, miss your face, call me next time you're in Az!

  3. linzaaay! you are the nicest and best roommate EVER! thanks so much for the cute little things you said! i love you and i'm so excited to be house roomies! you are my favorite!!