Wednesday, July 8, 2009

read between the lines...

How do I know it was never love? You can lie and tell yourself You're over it and someone else will take love's place And this is for the best
You can lie in that bed In a stranger's arms reachin' for com
Close your eyes and still get no rest
love remembers The smell of a summer day
Lying in a hammock over fresh cut grass
And the promise of forever love remembers The sound of the pouring rain Beatin' down on the top of a car On the side of the road
Where it couldn't wait
Yeah... love remembers
The taste of cotton candy lip gloss On the lips of a long kiss
And the plans they made together love remembers To feel the fingertips Running through soakin' wet hair On the bank after a midnight swim
love remembers

And He forgot...that's how I know
girls don't waste your time with those who forget...just something to think about

(images from: lustlostlove)


  1. does this mean what i think it means??? i love you!

  2. tell me about this provo option lady bug :] I missss you. Call me, let's catch up.