Thursday, July 16, 2009


(notice the festive red, white and blue we are wearing and the american flag flying in the backround!)
Freedom day was on the fourth and it was fabulous...minus the fact
that I was seventh wheeling it.
No big deal.
Alix, Jos and I went to a BBQ to start the night off right and like usual took pictures with randoms that we met.
No big deal.

( except for Alixi:) she is so cute!)
Next it was time to see the fireworks and since we werent fortunate enough to snag Jonas Brothers tickets at the
Stadium of Fire show,we settled for the back of Scott's truck.
But I would have to say...
our fourth in the back of that truck would have given the
Stadium of Fire performance a run for
their money!
Not only was there a custom made play list featuring "American Pride" songs
(playlist made by none other than Scotty himself)
ready to go along with fireworks, but there was plenty of body pillows and lovesacs to engage in one of Provo's most engaging and popular activities.....
However we keep it cool and decided to save the spooning for later.

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  1. haha i love the way you blog! you are the CUTEST. it was a fun fourth:) i miss you girl, it's been WAYY too long since I've seen you.. a week. haha! I'm so glad i live by you:)