Thursday, July 16, 2009

Domesticated Divas

Provo can get tiring with so many
....shall we say...
interesting guys...
So every once in awhile us girls get together and do therapy sessions.
Most call these "girls nights."

We decided it would be just delightful to go and see
"The Proposal."
But we never considered a few things:
#1. It was a friday night...and a friday night in Provo means "date night" for about 95% of the population (yes we make up the 5% who decided to attend a therapy session instead).
#2. Provo has one 'real' theatre
#3. A typical mormon date usually includes a movie
#4. This equals= pretty much you need reservations to go see a movie on a friday night in Provo....phew glad
I learned that lesson

So what better thing to do then bring out our creative/domesticated/wifey side then to go to Color Me Mine!
So Alix
being the peach that she is, hooked us all up!
Needless to say I kept it simple and was rather pleased with the way
my toothbrush holder turned out. Now all I need is a toothbrush that will fit in it...
...yeah I didnt think about that when I was painting it.

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  1. umm. this was SUUUUCH a fuuun night. we need another one SOOON. very soon!:)