Wednesday, August 19, 2009

why do i feel like im spinning in circles?

and so it begins. 
i realized today as i knew my az visit was beginning its 24 hr countdown to the end, that this is not just another az visit coming to an end.
 but a lot of other things coming to an end.
my brother leaves two weeks from today, i will not see him for two years and have to say my goodbyes tomorrow.
i have to say goodbye to the beautiful warmth and sunshine of az. 
it is going to feel like decades before i feel the summer air now that i am living in pretty much the coldest place on earth.
said goodbye to about 90% of my friends who are mostly married or soon to be. 
it is never the same after that.
said goodbye to living in az for the next three years

and so it ends.

now onto new beginnings.
a new career as i start dental hygiene in t-minus 7 days.
a new condo and a new room :)
a new way of living life, in the cold and snow that is...people say it starts to snow in october!
and plenty of new challenges... which sometimes i grow to love. bring it.

and so it begins yet again...

the circle of life!


  1. oh my dear we are the same!!! :] and i loved spending time with you and seeing you this weekend! it was so much fun! good luck this semester at school and dont forget about me and danie! love you my dear!

  2. ooh ya girl!:) we will have so much fun. im proud of you for facing the change head on. i love you linds. cant wait to pick you up tomorrow.

  3. You are adorable & I am excited for you and all this newness! Challenges make ya stronger, I always looked at it the same way, Bring it! your posts are always refreshing I love them