Sunday, September 27, 2009

Dear OH dear

It is time for some much needed letter writing

Dear Sunday,

Thank you for coming, I needed you.

Dear Joslyn Marie,

Our movie date was fabulous, dont let me forget that I OWE you :)

Dear Sub Zero,

I am glad you came into my life, you are absolutely delicious. However I now have to restart my "no ice cream for a month" goal...and it is all your fault. We are going to have to put our relationship on hold.

Dear tree swing,

Im sad your broken and all crooked now. I loved to swing on you, but now its just awkward. Please dont hate me...

Dear camera,

Where are you? I cant find you and you are missing al my fun times in Provo. Oh how I hate missing fun times.

Dear Y mountain,

"Y" are you so hard to sprint up, let alone walk up?

Dear homework,

Go are ruining my social life and making me want to drop out of school, move back to Hawaii and surf all day long


I think thats enough for now.
Happy Sunday :)


  1. linds, i love you so much. that was so much fun watching that movie.. it was so cute!:) you are the cutest girl in the whole world. im so glad i have you.. your posts always make me happy..

    p.s . i cant see your pictures on your past 2 posts? ??

  2. Oh the Y... can I go back? OH HI just blog hopping, don't mind me. This was a fun read, I'm liking your blog lots!

  3. Lindsey! So happy to see you have a blog:-) Hope you are doing well