Sunday, October 18, 2009

As of late...

Ok, ok so I have not been keeping up with this...but boy oh boy has life ever been crazy!

I started dental hygiene school last month and it has just been non-stop studying since then! But I am so grateful to be exactly where I am at. My life has been so richly blessed this past year and I know that I am exactly where I need to be.

So... a little confession to make... I had a slight breakdown the other day. I just feel like sometimes that one moment your gliding along and the next your falling off a cliff. Well maybe not that dramatic...but still...

Even though school, boys, and my current unemployment status can get quite burdensome I know that the Lord is trying my faith.

In the mean time I am so grateful for the friendships and people the Lord has put in my life :)

This guy is my best friend!

My southern bumpkins!

Strongest girl I know!

I love Alexi!

This is what we do in dental hygiene school!


  1. this is a totally superficial comment....but gosh your bangs are amazing!

  2. LINDZ! I didnt know you got into hygiene school- I AM SO PROUD OF YOU! What program are you in? When do you graduate? Love the advice on my post...I was told by my couselor to pretty much cancel life for the next 15 months since I would be studying so much, sorry that that seems to be where your at as well:-( Luv you girl!

  3. I love you girl....Your so awesome. I miss you a TON!