Sunday, September 13, 2009


So i should be sleeping...yes catching some good old zzZZZzzz's.
but...i find myself once again staring at the computer screen, thoughts careening across my mind. yet my finger can never type the right words to describe what goes on in this brain of mine.

i know this blog is not a place to be moody and grumpy and pile my dirty laundry until it is miles high... but tonight it is going to be. i am sick and tired of awkward situations.

yup, thats what im complaining about. and as amanda and danie would contest.. "GREEN (pinky finger up)" situations are no bueno. the list of awkward/embarrassing situations i have been in the past few weeks

- having a guy i was kinda digging on tell me that i kinda looked like his cousin so he would never kiss me... (k thanks ha)
- running into one of professors in the full on run into him and almost knock him over
- having my new bishop come over with plate full of brownies asking me why i was inactive and affectionately naming out apartment "the mystery apartment"
- i saw some asians taking pictures on campus, so me being the nice person i am goes up and says w/ hand gestures "me take picture for you??" They happened to speak perfect english and said no....Im an idiot
- a bird crapped on my shirt

ok so i dont know is the heavens are trying to tell me something but i just want a normal life...but then again a normal life isn't so normal is it??

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  1. hahaHAHAHAhaha okay this post makes me laugh... i hate awkward and green situations. seriously... the asian story is making me laugh. did you seriously do that??? ahahaha that is so funny! i had an awkward experience this week that tops my list ever! ill have to tell you about it :]