Sunday, January 17, 2010

Say WHAT??

Hey guys I'm seeing patients now in Dental Hygiene for only $5!

Anyone in the Provo/Orem area get your appointment scheduled today! You will receive x-rays, exam, cleaning, flouride, sealants and more!

Call me at 602-284-7430 to reserve your spot cause they are filling up :)


  1. hey girl how long will you be doing this for? we are coming into town for conference will you be doing it then?

  2. Hey Linds! Just wanted to say hi- hope school is going wonderfully:-)

  3. Hey I made my blog private and can't add you because it says your domain name is invalid. Maybe you wrote the wrong email address on my comments? Could you email me at and I will add you once I get your email.

  4. Hey hey, long time no see! To bad your not here in Mesa going to school cause I would totally come see you!!