Friday, April 9, 2010

( Picture above: Ok, I just had to put this picture up cause I just came across it and I could NOT stop laughing!! It was taken back when Scott and I were just friends and yes there is a story behind it. So for any of you who know me, you know I HATE as in I shave maybe once a week for church and thats it, dont judge, its just annoying! So one day I was at Scott's and p.s. this was before we were dating so I'm pretty sure Scott did not know the full extent of how weird I am, anyways I see his razor just sitting there. Its the kind you put on your face and I thought "ehhh what the heck might as well try it.." and tried it I did! I start shaving my legs....I know weird, but again if you know me its completely something I would do...Scott walks in and starting laughing his head off...Im pretty sure that was the moment he fell in love with me...ok maybe not so much but I'm pretty sure it summed me up for him!! Can I just tell you how much I love this boy! He is so awesome and has learned to just laugh at all the weird things I do! Such a good memory:)

Shay said I needed an here goes... Ahhemmm....

The pictures are in no particular order (partly because I dont know how to move them, which is another reason why blogging stresses me never turns out the way I picture it and the only reason I am blogging right now is because Scott is gone, Im supposed to be studying and I am bored out of my Im dont now...proceed) so you will have to make due with how they are haha

Feb: valentines with my love and good friends:) Then scotty planned me a surprise party and my parents flew in for it!! I got to clean my mom's teeth too!

March: SPRING BREAK...well kinda! We planned a trip to Vegas and it was a blast. We went with some good friends and were so excited when Emily and Brandon met us up there!!

I'm sorry I'm so bad at updating but I am much better stalker than blogger...yup thats for sure!! Life has been awesome and I could not be more busy or happy! School is a killer but its so worth it and I cant believe I will be done in a year! It's so crazy to think about it and time has flown by wayyyyy tooooo fast!! And lets hope it just keeps flyin cause.............hmmmmmmmmm.........
I have a secret....
but you will have to stay tuned to find out!!!

Brooke and I on Valentines at the restaurant on top of the J.S buliding
Scott and I on a random street in Vegas (dont mind the miller lite in the backround haha)
Us four have so much fun together! Emily and Brandon are our best friends! Scott and Brandon played football together at SVU and Emily, Scott and I have been buddies since the summer! I love all of them!! Scott is a little match maker and hooked Em and Brand up!!
The girls went shopping in Vegas!
Scott is always doing such thoughtful things for me and planned a surprise party for me!
Cant believe I'm 22!!!!!!
My parents came up too!!
Good friends!!!
Make a wish!!!

Not sure why there is this space sorry he he

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  1. YAYAYAYAYAY! So excited to see you updated:-) It was great, but im not happy that your not sharing your secret... LOVE YOU!