Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Me...married?? I think YES

One day Scott called me on the phone and said...

Scott:"Linds...I'm sorry but your ring was sold..we are going to have to find a whole new diamond and pick out a new ring..."

Me: ....sigh....

Then Scott told me about a friend who had a diamond store in Payson and that we would go there to get our new ring. I was a little bummed because I REALLY wanted the ring I had picked out before. But I decided, ok lets do this. We started to drive out to Payson and Scotty wanted to stop by a gas station and get an energy drink (he never does this...clue #1). I was a little annoyed we had to go get a new ring and really didn't wanna stop there but we did. After our gas station stop we started driving down this road into the farm land ( clue #2). I was a little confused, asking
Me: "there is a ring shop out here?"

Scott: "were going to meet at his house first and then follow him to the store"

Hmmmm...ok, I didnt mind because there were sooooo many horses around and I LOVE horses! So that made me think...

Me: "does your friend have horses?"
Scott: "yes..."
Me: " can we pet them....or maybe ride them (asking this expecting the answer to be no cause some people are really weird about letting people ride there horses)?"
Scott: "let me call him and ask...Im sure we can!!!"

Now, Scott is not the biggest horse fan, but seemed very happy that I asked this question (clue #3). He called his friend and they said we could! I was ecstatic! I had forgotten about my somber mood and could not wait to ride!

We pulled up to the house and got to pick some horses to ride. By now I had completely forgotten that we drove out there to look at rings. I just wanted to ride. So we start getting on the horses and the mom comes out saying that she always takes pictures of people who ride their horses and starting taking a ton of pics....a little weird...but ok (clue #4).

We start to ride and Scott's horse would not move. Not matter how many times he kicked it, it would not budge. So he decided to get on the back of my horse with me. BAD IDEA. The horse starts bucking like crazy and Scott gets bucked off!! After that...he decided to walk.

I ride. He walks. We start going towards these trees and Scott starts running towards this grove and says, "Hey, there is a swing over here!! Come swing!!!"

I ride over, still not seeing a swing (clue #5). Get off my horse and walk over. And there was no swing. Instead there was a whole pic nic and flowers (clue #6)! I thought he had done this cause he felt bad about the ring, so I immediately started thanking him, telling him he didn't need to do all this! Then all of the sudden I look down and....there it was THE RING!! He got down on one knee.....and that my friends is how

I hope you figured out the SECRET through my little clues, cause I know I sure didnt catch on to it :)

I am so excited to marry by best friend in the
Mesa, AZ temple on August 21st 2010!!
More wedding details coming soon!!!!


  1. Congratulations Lindsey!! I am so happy for you!!

  2. BABY GIRL! I'M SO HAPPY FOR YOU! Congratulations! I love you!

  3. oh how i have been waiting for this day to come for you!!!! you deserve the best, and i am so stoked that its scott! i knew he was a winner on new year's eve :] i seriously cant wait for you to get married, and it will be here before you know it! hopefully you will be planning your wedding here so i can help, and i cant wait to see you in your pretty wedding dress! i love and miss you looooots!!!! so your getting married in az... does that mean you two will be moving here????

  4. I am so happy you updated- YAY! And I guess you getting engaged is ok too...;-) SO HAPPY FOR YOU!

  5. CONGRATS!!!! i am so happy for you! married life is the greatest adventure ever!!! I AM SO EXCITED!

  6. HEy girlie!!! Long time no see! I can't believe your getting married. Thats so exciting and married life is seriously the best thing ever. Im glad to see your doing well and keep in touch missy!!!