Sunday, April 25, 2010

Lets play ketchup...

Alrighty... since I am getting married kinda soon (hurry up and get here AUGUST!!) I decided I need to start updating more since it seems that when you get hitched you fall off the face of the planet. Pretty sure I have already fallen but I want to at least let everyone or anyone who actually reads my blog know whats goin down....
- I have found my dress and Im in love with it! Cant wait to wear
- I have almost everything taken care of! I am so excited to use Lang Photographers :) They are so talented and fun! And baby lang is sue any day now!!
- my colors are tiffany blue, blush pink, champagne and a few mustard yellows thrown in there :)
- August 21st people!! I need your addresses!
- got to see so many great friends!
- saw a beautiful wedding of my dear friend jenna! The wedding was sooooo jenna and of course everything was so creative
- Lake times!! I am so glad I got to go to the lake with the fam! My poor white utah skin has forgotten what the Arizona can do....and I have a little sunburn
- More wedding planning with my mama!!
- where I currenly reside and will be heading back to this next weekend
- Ill be in my final year of dental hygiene school (thanks heavens is almost over!!)
- hopefully flowers are blooming...yes please??
- its going to be awfully lonely without my Scotty
- I have not seen him since last wednesday and it is time to see him haha I miss him!!
- He is staying here in AZ for the summer so please make my boy feel at home :)
Ok Ok I know this has been boring...dont judge...but I am trying lol!!


  1. I found your blog. So cute. Loved reading the engagement story--how great! He sounds perfect for you. So happy you have found each other. Only one year left of school-yippee (and don't forget to sit up straight)!!

  2. Exciting!!! My sister is doing Tiffany blue and blush pink too! Must be popular colors this season. August will be sooooo hot!!

  3. haha oh my gosh, crazy, those are ALL my EXACT same colors!!! you're going to have so much fun : )