Saturday, May 22, 2010

What do I do??

So life has been....well (sigh)....boring. Having a long distance engagement is NOT something I recommend! However I am so proud of Scotty for working so hard for us:) I am one lucky gal.

So that brings me to the next topic... what do I do? Well since most everyone I know here is gone for the summer I have been hanging out with some pretty cool people. Names: me. myself. and I. Pretty cool.

Today we all went to Ikea to look for a new couch for the condo. Also they took me out to a movie, "Letters to Juliet..." which was just as corny as every other chick flick (and I kept trying to look at the guy in the movie because one of my professors says he walks weird...I couldn't see it...sorry Prof. Molen). The movie really made me want to move to Italy, so I asked Scott and he agreed...yup were moving to Italy!! Not really...but hey we can dream:)

I have to say it has been quite sometime since I have taken myself out to a movie. I think the last time was when I had just moved to Hawaii and didn't know a single soul on the entire island, so what do I do? Hopped on the bus into town and went to a movie. It made me feel like I had a lot of friends for some reason because you sit in a room full of people and all watch a movie together. I liked it and I have to say I like it again today.

Soooo all this hanging out with me, myself and I is awfully exciting however I am ready to see Scott! Next weekend I FINALLY go back to AZ to see him and take our engagement pictures. It finally seems like its really happening because I pretty much planned my entire wedding in a week and now I am just patiently waiting for the days to get closer and closer! I cant wait :)

Happy weekend to all 5 people that read my blog :)


  1. Lindsey! I know how you feel. I hang out with the same three friends most my days too. their great :) I want to see that movie and me and my husband are going on our 4th date in the past two years tonight... maybe ill convince him ;) Congrats on completing your wedding stuff!! I know the anticipatijon is hard to bear :)

  2. I totally understand the long distance engagement. Chris and I did it for almost a year... it was HORRIBLE!!Where are you guys moving once you're married? Chris and I are coming up to Provo in August and need some good ideas.. Good luck with entertaining yourself!!! Love you girl. :)

  3. I did the long distance thing, and I agree...NO FUN, but it does make you realize how much you love each other!! This week will fly by and you will see him before you know it!! :) Try to enjoy your week!!

  4. hahhaha i love this because i can relate . its me, myself and i and mister haha:) i love you.. i cant wait to see you pretty face:)

  5. bahaha you went to a movie?!! YOU HAAAATE MOVIES!!! i love "me time" and taking myself out, remember all our friends used to make fun of us for doing that?

  6. Linds you are so funny, I miss ya. Sometimes it's nice doing things alone, only when your not in a lonely mood, obviously. Cool you finished all the wedding plans so quick! That's awesome!