Tuesday, June 1, 2010

When I should be studying...

So I have lived in Provo for a little over a year and have accomplished a lot of things while living here. However one thing I had not been able to accomplish was finding a job... yes, a job.
I looked high and low and applied to places I would NEVER dream of working...countless hours on KSL.com and craigslist.com...handing out resume's and talking to people...and still, nothin. I started thinking...
"man, my resume is not that bad and I have some great references...what is the deal?" I would get discouraged a lot but never stopped looking.

With the summer semester being a little lighter and Scott moving to AZ I had a little more time on my hands...ok a lot more time on my hands...so much so that I really thought I was going to go go crazy.
I spent hours cleaning, organizing, studying, planting flowers, going on nature walks, long boarding...etc... to pass the time.
Now all of this sounds exciting but remember the three people I am doing all this with...Me, Myself and I...and so that gets a little boring (see post below for more details). Not to mention with me getting married there is some added pressure to "bring home the bacon".

So I prayed and fasted...and prayed some more and fasted some more...and I FINALLY GOT A JOB!! Yes, a real life job....and its something I love...DENTAL ASSISTING! It truly was a miracle because I had always wanted to go back to assisting but no one is ever open on Fridays, which with school, was the only day I could work, so I kinda gave up on it. One day I came across an add asking for a dental assistant for Fridays only! CRAZY!! I applied, interviewed and got the job! I am starting in two days and I cant wait! Not to mention they are looking to hire a hygienist in a year and... HELLO thats when I graduate from hygiene school:)

The Lord really does answer prayers...YIIIPPPEEEE!!!!!!!!


  1. this is amazing. aw you're the best ever. i just love you so much : ) congrats linds!