Wednesday, September 8, 2010

It finally came!

And I'm finally blogging about it!!!
August 21st ( i know, i know a month late) was the best day of my life. It was an absolutely beautiful day and I can not even describe the joy I felt being sealed to my Scotty.
We were married in the morning in the Mesa, AZ temple and despite the blazing hot weather out side we were able to get some good snap shots!

Since it was so extremely hot outside I opted for the indoor reception, thank you very much! Since I was planning the whole wedding pretty much long distance I had to trust my mom with most of the decorating! Which she picked out and helped me with...amazing :) Everything was so beautiful and so fun!

My wedding day went so smooth and everything fell perfectly into place. Everyone always talks about how stressful it was and that they don't remember anything...well I remember everything and I was having the time of my life haha well since everything was going so perfectly something had to happen and it did. Right before the reception started my beautiful cake fell!! Hahaha but to be honest I really didn't care and Scott and I just started eating it! It was great!

I saw so many great friends at my reception and had so much fun!
{me & my mama}
{cutting the cake...clearly scott was anxious to eat it:)}
{my bro even made it all the way from the Phillipines!!}
{we stuffed our faces!!}
{my cute nephew}
{scotty and his best man/friend David}
{our most favorite couple ever!! David is Scott's best friend and Brooke is mine AND they are are lucky are we?? If only we could get them to Utah:)}
{first dance}
{group hug}
{perfect end to a perfect day!}

Married life just gets better and better everyday. I love Scott. Like a lot. Plus he is ya he is pretty much amazing!


  1. This post made your Momma cry!! Such a special day!! I love you both!

    Mama JO,JO

  2. So cute! Everything looked beautiful. I am so happy for you! Congrats again!

  3. this is the cuuuutest blog ever. i just love you guys & LOVED being apart of your big day!

  4. LINZ!!! I am so happy for you!! You will love life. You look so gorgeous! I LOVE your dress and hair piece. Wish I could have been ther. Congrats and I wish you guys the best life ever!

  5. P.S. this is from Joscelyn Iverson :) Im logged in as my mom lol. Sorry :)