Sunday, October 3, 2010


Scott & I went on our honeymoon to Cali!
We went to Disneyland/Cali adventure because Scott had never been before. It was so much fun to spend time together, just the two of us after spending almost 6 months apart.

Typical Scotty! My strong boy :)

I kinda wish we would have gotten this picture at Disneyland but it would have cost me $39736263.09 dollars just like everything else there. Scott's face was priceless
The castle

Anyone that knows us knows we are borderline obsessed, ok maybe not borderline but full blown obsessed with Ice Cream... these were heavenly

Waiting for the parade

A Bug's Life!

The carousel at Cali Adventure

Scotty calls me Tutti Fruitty so we had to eat at this Ice Cream place
After we got sealed :)

So sad to leave our Honeymoon :(

It has been the best month of my life and I have had so much fun with Scotty.
Everyday we discover something new about each other and we grow so much together. I am so grateful I was lucky enough to get to marry such a loving and wonderful person :)

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  1. these are the cuuutest pictures ever. you guys have too much fun! i love you two!:) so happy you married such an amazing guy.