Saturday, July 23, 2011

Ok dont hate...

Ok ok dont be hater but yes I took a small hiatus from the blogging world. So much has happened since I last updated and honestly just did not have the time or energy to blog! I had surgery in December on foot and calf:( It was a painful and longer recovery than I expected. Unfortunately I was trying to recover while I was struggling to finish my last semester of Dental Hygiene school. I had so many HUGE tests to take and I could barely walk. So to say the least from January to April is a blur in my mind. I don't know how I made it through and actually passed my tests! What a crazy time!
I finally graduated after a long year and half STRAIGHT of school. I literally thought I was not going to get here! But I am proud to say I MADE IT! I am now a dental hygienist and have taken a long break from scraping teeth this summer. I am ready to get back to it in the fall!!

The day after graduation Scott and I said our goodbyes for the summer and he headed to Alaska for a deployment. He was able to go down with a bunch of hospital administrators, doctors, nurses, dentists, hygienists etc... from the army to set up medical clinics in some of the most remote parts of Alaska! What a great experience for him and he learned so much:)

While Scotty was in Alaska my family and I got to go to the Harry Potter land in Florida! I am not a huge Harry Potter fanatic ( I know...I know..) but I have to say it was pretty awesome. They did a great job and you really feel like your in the movie!
Drinking some Butter Beer...dont worry no real beer in there
Sister and I in front of Hogwarts...yes we had matching Harry Potter glasses:)

Inside the castle, the Harry Potter ride was pretty cool!
Florida was so so so hot! My poor white Utah skin got the worst sunburn I have ever of the many reasons I'm not the most fond of living in Utah...pasty skin!!
Scott and I were able to reunite for a few days to go on our annual Lake Powell trip. We have been going with the Heningers for about 12 years! It is always so much fun. This year the water was FREEZING! But we still loved it and loved seeing each other for a short time!
We all made it up sand hill!!
Eating at Stromboli's

Cant believe we made it!!
Scott is now living in California working for Vivint and I am in Arizona working for a dentist. We are looking forward to reuniting with each other in the Fall:)


  1. you guys are so cute and so brave. love you xo. keep bloggin!

  2. Awe Lindsey! I didn't know your hubby was in the army! Sorry that you guys are apart-- deployments are never fun! Glad you guys are doing well and will reunite in the fall! And hooray for updating your blog!