Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Mainland fever...

So it was that infamous first day of school... and unlike the past 19 years of schooling in my life, today I was actually excited! I cant wait until I can start clinicals and work on patients! So Im jusy giving ya'll a heads up NOW, free teeth cleanings soon to come by me!! Let me know if you wanna be a patient.

Ok so I was at my first day of school...and what is on my mind? Hawaii...yup that is what I kept thinking about all day. I miss it more than life and plan on moving back after I graduate. Im pretty sure I left my heart in Hawaii...hold on, let me check...

Uh huh I think that's an affirmative, my heart is still there and I miss it more than ever, along with all of my homies!

1 comment:

  1. linz! i just cam across your blog.
    I miss it tooo!!! winter 2010??
    miss you and i need to see you!